Monday, December 10, 2012

Rejoice, rejoice, my soul,
Rejoice in sin forgiven;
The blood of Christ hath made thee whole,
For thee His life was given.

For thee His blood was shed,
On Him thy sins were laid;
To bear thy guilt He bowed His head,
And now thy peace is mine.

Rejoice in peace made sure,
No judgment now for thee;
Thy conscience purged, thy life secure,
More safe thou cannot be.

Thy Savior is the Lord,
Who died to set thee free;
Thy trust is in His faithful word,
He liveth now for thee.

Rejoice in joys to come,
The hope of glory near;
He’ll soon return to take thee home,
No cause for thee to fear!

Now, by the Spirit sealed,
Rejoice in God the Lord;
The mighty God is now thy shield,
And He thy great reward.

Thy song of triumph raise;
Exult with heart and voice;
Oh shout aloud His glorious praise!
Rejoice, my soul, rejoice!

Sir Robert Anderson


  1. Hi there,
    Just letting you know that this poem was written by Sir Robert Anderson. It appears in his book "The Gospel and its Ministry, published in 1876.
    Sir Robert was the leading detective in the infamous hunt for " Jack the Ripper " in London circa 1891.
    He was a devout christian.

  2. Thank you! I have changed "author unknown" to "Sir Robert Anderson." I have read many of his books. My favorite is "The Silence of God."

  3. Hi again,
    Another titbit which may be of interest to you if you love Bible study.
    Sir Robert wrote many articles in a magazine "Things to Come" during the 1880-90's.
    Magazine was edited by the great scribe Dr E W Bullinger.
    All followed the Massoretic text translations and not the modern Greek translations.
    Authorised version is Massoretic and still far superior to all.

  4. Thank you for your comments. I know the AV was frequently used back then, and you may be right that it is still superior to all other translations. I think it's probably more prudent to use several different versions, though, instead of sticking to just one — keeping in mind progressive revelation and the context above all things, of course.

    I'm also aware of E W Bullinger. He added much to the dispensational conversation at that time, but I believe he went too far.

  5. Hi again,
    Dr Bullinger (May God bless him) was just the editor for thousands of devout christian writers for the magazine " Things to come." He had many American christian writers, he was financed by a New Zealander, there were also British, Australian, German and French contributors.
    Unfortunately he took the brunt of all criticisms on everyone's contributions even though he specifically stated he gave all christians "freedom of speech."
    The magazine is out of print 100 years but I have 2 volumes which I cherish. There were 17 overall I think.
    Dispensational knowledge comes naturally with much bible study.
    I am 71 yo and absolutely love the bible. The more I study the more amazed I become.
    God bless you and your family,

  6. I couldn't agree with you more; I also believe dispensational knowledge comes naturally with much bible study. Thank you again for your comments.