Friday, January 25, 2013

High A's :(

This past week I've been practicing several pieces from Mozart's Requiem for a classical concert at our church on March 2nd.  Originally, my director had in mind that I would sing the alto line, which was fine with me.  I enjoy singing alto as well as second soprano.  However, it ends up he needs me to sing second soprano.

That's all well and good, but classical pieces don't generally have second soprano lines, only soprano lines.  And many times the soprano lines, if performed in the original key, are quite high. 

So I'm in the soup.  I have the Latin words and the soprano line pretty much down now, but there are several places where I'm supposed to sing a high A.  Being a second soprano, I've had very little practice doing this, though.

I've been doing vocal scale exercises this week, hoping they will extend my range. And really, the high A doesn't sound all that bad when I briefly pop up to it.  Sustaining it, though, is a different story.  It can only be described as a screech.

The question is, if I keep practising the Mozart pieces AND vocal scales, will I learn to sustain a beautiful-sounding high A by March 2nd?  Or is it a lost cause.  I'm beginning to think that high A's aren't really meant to be sung by me.

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