Saturday, April 4, 2009

Christ has conquered all

Our first Easter concert went very well last night. Here is the closing song prior to the postlude. The words are powerful. It's my favorite song of the whole concert.

Christ Has Conquered All (words and music by Kristie Braselton)

Heavy laden, weary soul,
bearing up a heart of stone,
His Spirit comes to dwell in you,
and Christ, the weight of sin assume.

All my guilt is cast on Christ,
and His righteousness is mine.
What guilt should weigh upon my head?
For Christ has cleared it all!

The sum of all my sacrifice,
though joyful, fails to justify.
I cannot pay for grace that's free,
nor add to work that is complete.

Jesus paid it all for me!
This my ransom and my plea.
What debt I labor to repay?
For Christ has paid it all!

Through the law comes sin and death,
but faith is counted righteousness.
So I will trust in Christ alone,
my debt to pay, my sin atone.

And I stand in confidence,
covered by His righteousness.
What shall become of boasting tongues?
For Christ has done it all!

Where O death is now thy sting?
Swallowed up in victory!
The Lord of glory reigns on high,
sov'reign over earth and sky!

Yes, He triumphed o'er the grave,
and He comes again one day.
What lesser name shall draw our praise?
For Christ has conquered all.

For Christ has conquered all!
Christ has conquered all!

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